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The first historical mention of Oliwa dates to AD 1186 when the Cistercians established a monastery there. Formerly hosting merchants and monks the district changed its purpose many times through history. At present it welcomes guests from all over to world to stay in our premises consisting of an old inn, a coach house and a forge all renovated to suit your needs.

Not a random choice.

Guesthouse “Stara Karczma” lies in the very heart of Stara Oliwa, a historical district of Gdańsk closely connected with the history of the Cistercians. At the beginning, a monastic village, in the 19th century a separate town and now a district of Gdańsk.

The Cystercians were trading goods produced on their local farms. This created a need for a place were visiting merchants could rest in between negotiations.

The solution was brought by the resident of Gdańsk Georg Ochs, by  whose initiative, at the end of the 16th century, an inn was opened which was originally called “Wielka Karczma” which translates to “Big Inn”. It became very popular amongst the visitors as well as the Cistercians.

The eventful history of Gdańsk had its toll on our inn as well, which through all the centuries was several times destroyed, burnt and rebuilt.

Back to its primary purpose.

Today the old inn serves again as a place to stay and rest. Rooms for guests are located in the old inn building as well as in the adjacent coach house and forge.

The back yard where originally horses were tied has now been repurposed as a parking lot.


Things that didn’t change include the beautiful, paved courtyard and a feeling of hospitality from the old times.